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Class Descriptions

A look at what you can expect...

NRA First Steps/Concealed Carry Class: A basic, introductory firearm safety class intended to satisfy concealed carry permit training requirements.  Participants fire a weapon and receive a certificate accepted by every circuit court in the Commonwealth of Virginia for a concealed carry permit.  3.5 hours/$75.  Class is offered in Caroline County (about 5 minutes from Kings Dominion) as well as select gun shows. 

Survival Shooting - Simulations: Quite possibly the training event of a lifetime; offered only to law enforcement until recently.  This is the class that you have been warned about.  Real guns.  Real (plastic) bullets.  Real people and real scenarios.  You will be placed in situations such as robberies, home invasions, and hostage scenarios; how you respond determines if you 'live'.  You must choose wisely-you will never be put in a situation which you cannot survive.  8 intense hours, $249. All materials, ammo and equipment are provided. Class takes place in Prince George County or Caroline County.

NEW! Shotgun/Rifle Training: A new class for 2008, this course provides the shooter with an introduction or famaliarization to either the M4 Carbine, the AK-47 assault rifle, or the Pump Action Shotgun. During this four-hour course given on the range participants will receive a 'crash course' of instruction and fire one of these three venerable weapons. $175 shotgun, $195 rifle includes ammo* (100 rounds 12 gauge, 250 rounds .223, or 250 rounds 7.62x39) and all weapons, targets and safety equipment.

Firearms Training for Women:  An eye opening experience for those concerned about victimization, this class is not for the squimish or faint of heart.  Should ladies carry a firearm?  Only if they want to survive a violent attack.  Lively lecture, interactive discussion and range time are divided, satisfying Virginia's concealed carry training requirements.  All range and equipment fees, as well as ammo and firearm (if necessary) are provided at no additional cost.  4 hours/$95 incl ammo.  Class is offered in Caroline County, 1 mile from the I-95 exit 104.

The Tactical Pistol: This course is a four hour block consisting of lecture, practical exercises and live fire at an outdoor, private range. The class is kept to no more than six students to allow extensive one-on-one time. Topics covered include gunfight theory, malfunction clearing, tactical reloading, cover and concealment drills, emergency action drills and multiple threat acquisition. This course is based on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's Police Combat Shooting. Pre-requisite is a basic NRA course or equivalent. $150 includes ammo* 250 rounds

NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course: A challenging and exciting class geared towards intermediate to advanced shooters, this course combines lively classroom discussion, audio-visuals and copius amounts of live fire to provide participants with an exhilarating training experience.  Shooters will fire from cover and concealment and learn point shooting techniques.  8 hours/$100  This course takes place in Caroline County, 1 mile from the I-95 104 exit.

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course: A class for beginner through experienced shooters focusing on ensuring the safety of one's home.  Firearm types and storage, landscaping patterns and home security devices are discussed in detail. Offered to groups and organizations on-site. 4 hours/$25 to $45 per person depending upon group size. Satisfies Virginia's Concealed Carry Permit training requirements.